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20 June 2011

All Woman

This is an inchie made using the challenge word prompt found on Every Inchie Monday.

This week's prompt is woman.

My inchie is created from an inch square of white mountboard & covered using patterned paper from Hot off the Press & an image from Art Creations Friday.

To see a slideshow of all the inchies made using the Every Inchie Monday word prompts, please click here.

Karen has asked where I buy my blank inchies from, so I thought I would add a note here to explain.

Every year or so, I buy an A1 sheet of
Daler-Rowney Cream Core Mountboard.

Manufactured in the UK, the core is made from virgin wood pulp with a characteristic pale ivory colour. Each board is alkaline sized and pH neutral. It is available in a wide range of colours, but I usually buy Snow White.

From this large sheet, I cut my blank inchies, moos, tags, etc. It is thick enough (1400 Micron) to give me a sturdy base to work on & withstand the abuse I throw at it (ie sanding the edges), but thin enough to cut to the required size with ordinary scissors.


  1. Daisy you read my mind!!!! I was thinking it was time for a slide show:)

    Love your latest inchy.

    ps where do you buy your blank inchies.... my person doesn't seem to be selling any more?


  2. Hi Daisy,
    beautiful inchie - love it.
    Have a great week.

  3. Thank you, Daisy, for your lovely comment on my womany inchie!

    Yours is wonderful!

  4. I adore your inchies Daisy!
    The mountboard gives them a lovely sturdy look, thanks for the info on how you make them :)
    Jan x

  5. Thank you Daisy!!!!

    I'll make a note of that somewhere so I don't forget!