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2015 Waddington Weekly

This year long project was a way to help me remember
some of my favourite poems
from a book of poetry entitled

Poem for the Day One

A collection of 366 poems, old & new, worth learning by heart,
edited by Nicholas Albery.

By using a pack of old playing cards, made by Waddingtons,
I decided at the beginning of 2015
to choose a few lines from a poem each week
& to alter a playing card from the pack.

There are 52 playing cards in a pack,
the same number of weeks in the year. 

The background of the cards are covered
using Madame Payraud's patterned paper,
a mixture of old ephemera, advertisements,
images of birds, butterflies & insects,
all in soft muted tones.

Here is a short video of all fifty-two altered playing cards.

With a hole punched in the top,
held together with a silver book ring,
the pack of cards is becoming a personal keepsake
of the poems I have read
& treasured throughout the year.

Week 1 to 10
Week 11 to 20
Week 21 to 30
Week 31 to 40
Week 41 to 46
Week 47 to 52