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17 March 2010

Daisy's Bookmarks

As a regular visitor, you may already know about the Daisy's Diamonds & on a visit to one of them this morning, I decided to start a new feature.

The post was so different, inspiring & beautiful, that I wanted to share it & also be able to remember where I found it.

So, to the new feature. I will post a link to the blog posting that has been my favourite during the month, together with the reason why I have bookmarked it.

I will label the posts as Daisy's Bookmarks.

"How lovely" you might think, but it's actually quite selfish, as this feature will be an invaluable reference point for me to record all those inspirational posts that I come across during my blog hopping, then forget where they were ... I'm sure I'm not alone in that!

Lynn, already one of my diamonds, has been making little wire nests.

"Intriguing", I hear you say. "Indeed", I reply.

Click here to find out all about them.

Aren't they fabulous?

I like this post because, using inspiration from Patty Szymkowicz, Lynn has persisted to create the most wonderfully cute wire nests & complimenting embellishments. Patience has been rewarded. Her creativity is always inspiring.


  1. thank you for sending me over there daisy - they are gorgeous little nests xx

  2. How sweet of you Daisy, and thank you for calling me one of your diamonds, I am honored :)

  3. Lynn - Thank you for giving me permission to use one of your photographs in this posting xx

  4. Hi Daisy, you're right, these little nests are so sweet. Thank you for dropping by my blog and your lovely comments. So early in my blog's life it really gives a boost to get positive comments, especially when unsolicited. I had already been peeking at your work (and boy, aren't you busy!), but hadn't plucked up the courage to leave a comment. I'll be back for more! Jo x